Buying a used bike – What to watch out for

Buying a used bike – What to watch out for


Buying a used bike is a big step. It is going to be your ride from A to B for as long as possible, to get the best out of your money for it. You don’t want it to be a bad decision in the long run.

There are lots of things you ought to consider when buying your used bike. Some might seem obvious to you. Others you may have never thought of yourself. You have to do the research, so pause for a moment and we’ll take you through the basic things to watch out for.

– Make sure that you check the sprockets and damaged or worn teeth. Damage to these would be potentially lethal to you.

– Get a feel for the clutch, to see if it is worn out. Reconsider if it doesn’t feel safe to you.

– If anything is damaged, missing or loose, you should reconsider. Or at least get it fixed before you ride the bike.

– Assess the tires to see if they will need replacing soon or not. If they do, at least you will be prepared once you purchase.

– Check the frames straightness. Stand behind the bike and examine the rear fender from a couple of feet away. When the fender is off to the side a fraction, it means the frame is bent slightly.

– Another thing you ought to check out is wheel wobble. Take someone else with you, and have them push the bike towards you. If there are noticeable wheel wobbles, you should have that checked out.

– Check the radiators for leaks. You should also make sure they aren’t bent at all, which is a good indicator of overuse or potential problems later on.


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