Choosing Oil for Motorcycle

Choosing Oil for Motorcycle

What Does Oil Do ?

-Lubricate parts

-Corrosion free

-Protect engine

-Cooling Purpose

-Contaminant transfer

Well in India there are many key brands for motorcycle brands, like castrol, shell etc. Selecting oil for your motorcycle should be right one. Motorcycle oil come in grades. Rated for spark ignition.Oils are synthetic or natural, they many include detergents, grades (20W-50). Detergent additives acts like surfactants which minimizes tension.

You have to understand the type of oil is best for your bike. The thickness of oil is measured in SAE rating. The value of SAE should be lower so that it flows easily. Oil flows easy when heated. Oil may flow with 20 grade when cold and 50 when it has high temperature.

Get synthetic oil for most of your bikes, since synthetic can retain property much longer than natural oil. Multi Grade oil is good for engine.

To replace oil just see whether oil is hot, let it cool, remove the bolt at the bottom of the engine, replace with new one. You can also replace the oil filter periodically.


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  1. October 10, 2012 at 5:56 am #

    10,000 regular check up reiuqres the ff:1. change oil2. change oil filter3. change sparkplugs4. change fuel filter5. clean or replace air filter6. check coolant level7. check brake fluid level8. check transmission fluid level9. check and tighten belts10. check, clean and adjust brakes and clutch11. check brake pad and lining wear12. check performance of air a/c (freon level)13. check tires pressureHope i gave you an idea of the things you need to do.

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