How Drum Brakes Works

How Drum Brakes Works

What are Drum Brakes, Drum brakes are brakes which works on principle of shoes against rotating surface or Drum. Many of Our Indian bikes have Drum brakes instead of Disc Brakes, why, reason is , More than 50% of indian bikes are 100 – 110cc with top speed of less than 95 kmph, hardly taking a passion or platina you would ever reach 80 kmph. Even if you might have reached, the speed could be handled by our mech drum brakes. Company also considers the weight of bike on deciding whether using drum or disc brakes. People who buy 100cc, either they buy due to their budget or fuel consumption of bike and adding a disc brake can increase bikes price. Ya you can add disc brake by mechanic for rupees upto 2500rs per disc brakes. Coming on the topic,

Naturally drum brakes have more parts than disc brakes. They are less expensive. You may get confused when you might have opened your wheels may be due to puncher. Ok lets partition the braking system and explain what each piece does. The Drum brake has two brake shoes and kind of rotating piston when you press and release your brake. When you hit the brake lever, the mechanism pushes the shoes against the drum, now what about lots of springs. Many drum brakes are self actuating, their is a kind of wedging action between drum and shoes. It increases with more force. Because of wedging action the shoes must be pulled away from drum when brakes are released. Springs are used to pull away. For brakes to work properly the brake shoes must remain close to drum and should not touch it.

Servicing is often required for drum brakes. Mostly brake shoes are changed. Shoes are changed when the material on the shoes is exhausted.

Enough of Drum brakes, Please let me know if I am wrong in above discussion.


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    jcr111348:I’ve noticed that some reenacemplt brake shoes are very slightly thicker than original.This is done to compensate for wear and machining of the drums.We work around this by grinding back the steel backing where it inserts into the pivot point opposite of the adjuster.Or the drums can be resurfaced to remove the ridge that is causing the bad fit.

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