Increase Engine Performance For Bikes

Increase Engine Performance For Bikes

Some Tips By Experts to increase engine performance

  1. As the piston pushes down air resistance can decrease power of engine. Some new bikes have polished intake manifolds to eliminate air reisitance. Larger Air filter and reduced intake piping can improve engine performance.

  2. If back pressure makes it hard for exhaust to exit combustion chamber, it decreases engine power. If the muffler has lot of air resistance or size of exhaust pipe is small it can cause back pressure. Exhaust system are avaliable they free flow to eliminate back pressure.

  3. Having four valves per cylinder will improve air flow and yields in engine performance. Performance cams can also make a big difference.

  4. If you cram more fuel so you need more air into cylinder, naturally you can get more power from cylinder. Increasing size of cylinder can also increase performance of engine.

  5. When air gets compressed its temperature rises, having cool air into cylinder would make more air into chamber and more it would expand.

  6. Lightweight parts of engine can perform better. If the piston is lighter the less energy it takes

  7. Larger compression ratio produces more power to a point. More you compress the mixture more it is likely to burst into flames. Higher octane gasolines prevent this condition.

  8. The more is displacement means more power as you burn more gas.


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