KTM DUKE 200 Engine

KTM DUKE 200 Engine

(*)  Engine Techinical

1. Engine:

The engine of KTM is a liquid cooled, single cylinder four stroke engine. But its still based on 125 Duke. The engine has been pumped to generate  58-60 % more displacement and BHP. To achieve this they embeded a newer camshafts, large piston and valves, airbox and exhaust. Result of this was motor producing 25 hp of power and good torque at low RPM’s


The engine has Dual overhead camshafts with four valves in the engine, which makes this engine reliable and also the cam levers are of ultra hard carbon coated material which minimises friction and results more power.


The KTM duke comes with a three champer exhaust and is positioned close to the machine body. So as nearer to center of gravity. That helps centralisation of mass and fine handling.


The DOHC and cool electronics with six speed transmission help KTM duke 200 to achieve cool performance. Now with high power come high fuel consumption. But hAi! wait it can give about 35 kmpl , now thats moderate fuel consumption.



Some of Techinical Keywords

1. Spark Ignition :

In SI engines the air and fuel are usually mixed together in the inake system before entering to the engine cylinder using a carburetor or fuel injection system.



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