Tips to Buy Used Bike In India

Tips to Buy Used Bike In India

  • You budget has impact on whether you buy from dealer or from individual. Dealers usually charge a premuim more than individuals. Buying from dealer can be good as they have complete history of bike and you can ask many question to them.

  • Individuals are more flexible about price. They may also not tell you about the detailed information about the bike history.

  • The most important thing for a used bike is to look condition of the frame. Any damage to frame or fracture can lead to tragedy.

  • First of all you should look it over see if there is any major damage, like if it has been laid over, any major scratches, things broken like mirrors etc.

  • Get on the bike and see how it feels, the steering should feel light and should be balances. Sometimes due to accidents the steering looses its alignment. And the main this that the bike fits for you. Every bike is going to feel different and you want to be comfortable.

  • If every thing feel right than go ahead and check the levers, front and rear brakes, feel the throttle. Check the front suspension, see if there is any leakage of fluid, if you see any leakage on the down tube that is going to tell you if there is any broken seal or problem in interior of suspension.

  • Remove seats and farings that obscure parts of frame, use torch to illuminiate any portions of frame that might be dark.

  • Look at the sprockets and check shape of teeth , it should be even, and should not be excessively worn off.

  • Cente stand the bike, see that bar should be free from bend and should more smoothly in either directions.

  • See whether any thing on the bike is missing, like nuts, tims, mud gard etc. Estimate the price of missing parts taking budget into consideration.

  • Also see the tires make sure that there is enough thread wear on tire.

  • Make sure that the chains are well lubricated and should have enough tension.

  • If you are confused about the price offered to you, take a mechanic which you and estimate the bike price. Bike more than 5 year old usually have less than half price of the bike.


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