What is Fuel Injection and Types

What is Fuel Injection and Types

Fuel Injection is more precise creates less pollution as computer is constantly changing air fuel ratio.

Fuel Injection is better than carburetor, why

As Fuell injection is latest technology, it has ablility to sense things like altitude, weather, pressure and throttle response , Calculating all that it delivers the corrent amount of fuel to cylinders and maximizes the power of the engine.

There are many Fuel injection system like :

  • Throttle Body Injection : Mono fuel Injector is used to deliver fuel to many cyclinder which can increase performance but are inferior to other fuel injection system. Can be better option to carburetors.

  • Sequential Port Fuel Injection : It is also termed as SFI, each chamber has its own injector and timed to spray fuel into intake.

  • Multi Port Fuel Injection : It is also termed as MPFI, each chamber has its own injector and sprays fuel constantly. Most common.. It is controlled by computer, checks amountof air entering in the engine, alters amount of fuel required, which inturn brings better efficiency.

  • Direct Injection: Each piston has its own injector, sprays directly onto piston. Most efficient fuel injection, mostly used.


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    Okay, the first two guys are just making this up as they go along. A ligehtr engine?? And where would one find that information? I have never seen the weight of an engine listed anywhere. More fuel efficient? Yeah, no motocross manufacturer has ever listed MPG for a race bike. More grip power? What the hell is grip power? Come on guys, cut the BS. In fact the KTM is 30 pounds ligehtr than the 250X. Any idea how much 30 pounds is on a bike like this? That’s a huge difference? The truth is this, the KTM is a superior bike hands down no question, but this doesn’t mean it’s the best bike for you. If you plan to race then the KTM is definitely your pick, but if you are just trail riding for fun the 250X would work fine and cost a little less. Also, the KTM is not more maintenance, KTM’s have the best longevity of any dirt bike.

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