Programmed Fuel Injection PGM-FI, is a kind of electronic fuel injection system first developed by Honda more than twenty years ago. This system is incorporated in many Honda Motorcycles, Cars and Automobiles.

How does PGM-FI works

PGM-FI injects right amount of fuel on each cylinder based on specific engine data to which it is programmed. The Control unit (ecu) of engine has sensors which measure temperature of engine, oil, atmosphere air as well as pressure sensors. Based on the collected readings control unit calculates oxygen or air and fuel needed to optain optimal performance.

Newly developed PGM-FI is been developed for small motorcycles. The ECU integrated throttle body for small motorcycles. By this Honda’s goal is to reduce hydro carbon emission and improve fuel economy by 30%. Honda has developed PGM-FI system for motorcycles with engine of 125cc or smaller.

You might think FI and PGM-FI, well conventional FI system (electronic fuel injection system) in motorcycles (like in apache rtr 160 fi) is bulky and costly, its major application is in monstor bikes with multi cylinders engine. Wave 125i has PGM-FI which is been launched in Thailand.


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